What People Say

Here is a selection of some of the supportive messages I have received recently from key figures in cycling and the wider world.


Osama Al Shafar - President, Asian Cycling Confederation and UAE Cycling Federation

After I have taken over as the President of Asian Cycling Confederation, for which you had extended your warm greetings during the meeting at Bahrain, it becomes my duty to thank you for all the cooperation and support, you have extended to the ACC in all aspects.

Your inaugural speech at the ACC Congress at Bahrain showed your vision and commitment towards momentum, in process to take the UCI to a greater level in all spheres and it spelled your achievements during your first tenure as President of UCI. We at the ACC support you in your endeavour to continue the process of transformation of UCI and also your special attention towards the Asian Continent in its march towards propagation and excellence at all levels of this wonderful sport of cycling.

I reiterate and assure you for our cooperation and will extend all possible support in your mission.

Michael P. Plant - UCI Management Committee Member and 1980 Olympian

It is my great pleasure to express my full and uncompromising support for your re-election as President of the UCI.

A few highlights that I believe confirm your results in just a short period of time include:

  • You made a commitment to govern our organization with transparency, honor and dignity. In my opinion, you have done that with great success since being elected in 2013.
  • Your support and financial contribution to the Confederations who are at the core of our global development has grown tremendously since you were elected.
  • Our financial reserves are now at record levels without decreasing our objectives to grow the sport, provide professional services to our membership and produce great World Championships and World Cup events.

Lastly, I appreciate that your role as President of the UCI has never been about what you need from this organization. Your daily focus and objective is driven by what you can do to make us better and stronger by working in concert with the athletes, key stakeholders, membership, federations, Management Team and staff. Your professional approach, respect for those who interact with you and commitment to do the right thing has helped our organization achieve new levels of success.

I thank you for your leadership and standard of excellence that you demonstrate every day as the UCI President. I believe the UCI and sport of cycling will be well served by having you at the helm for another four years. I strongly encourage my colleagues to support you again at the congress in Bergen, Norway.

Tracey Gaudry - President Oceania Cycling Confederation & Vice President UCI Management Committee

As the UCI President, Brian has embraced a progressive and inclusive vision for Women's cycling. His commitment was clear from the outset and that has helped me enormously in my role as UCI Vice President and President of the UCI Women's Commission. The progress we have made under Brian's presidency has been extensive and includes professionalising the sport for women across all disciplines, promoting the increased participation of women and girls in cycling as a sport and activity, and furthering the involvement of women throughout the governance, administration and delivery of the sport.

Harald Tiedeman Hansen - President Norwegian Cycling Federation and Member UCI Management Committee

It has been a pleasure working with Brian during his first mandate as a member of the management committee and president of the Materials Commission. We’ve made great progress across the board, including in the sphere of technology where we’ve transformed the UCI from a conservative federation to one that embraces and promotes progress. I look forward to supporting him during his second mandate.

John Tolkamp - President, Cycling Canada

Under Brian's leadership the UCI has taken great steps to restore the integrity of the sport, stabilize its operations and most importantly grow all aspects of the sport globally in a sustainable manner.  I was both honored and pleased to take on the role of Chair of his re-election campaign and am committed to assisting him in realising that objective. I truly believe Brian is the best person to lead the UCI for the next four years and ensure cycling continues to make significant progress. 

William Newman - President, Cycling South Africa

Track cycling in particular is developing strongly under Brian as UCI President, and I'm delighted to have been able to contribute to that as a member of the Track Commission.  I'm sure another four years as UCI President will result in more great things for track cycling, and for African cycling across all disciplines.

Michel Thioub - President, Senegal Cycling Federation

Four years ago I had chosen Brian, and I am pleased to see that he has provided unwavering support for the development of African Cycling. Let us give him the chance to continue the excellent work already begun.

Federico Moreira - Presidente, Federación Ciclista Uruguaya

On behalf of the Federación Ciclista Uruguaya, I wish to say that, under Brian Cookson’s leadership, cycling’s reputation has been restored and the interests of Latin American nations have been better addressed than ever before. For these reasons, we fully support his re-election as UCI President for a further four years.

Robert Farrier - President, Trinidad & Tobago Cycling Federation

The UCI’s reputation has significantly improved over the past few years, largely due to the leadership of Mr. Brian Cookson.   A leader with a vision, Mr. Cookson understands the capabilities of the athletes in the Western Hemisphere and has supported the development and growth of both the athletes and administrators of this region.  Under Brian’s stewardship, the UCI will continue to make great strides in improving the Sport of cycling, its athletes and administrators on a global scale.  He is most definitely the best candidate to lead the UCI. 

Swiss Cycling

Swiss Cycling supports the re-election of Brian Cookson.

In the past three years, Swiss Cycling has met Brian Cookson as a straightforward, cooperative and competent president, who has always listened to the concerns of national associations.

Brian has also been credible in the fight against doping and for an open and transparent association. It should also be emphasized that, with the participation of all the key players, he has taken the initiative to adapt cycling to the current conditions and needs, globally and in a timely manner.

After many things have already been implemented in the last three years, further activities are already being prepared to be implemented in the following period.

For all these reasons, we support Brian Cookson in his re-election, hoping for continuity in the leadership of the UCI. We are convinced that the paved path is right and can be continued.

Captain Sawadogo - President, Burkina Faso Cycling Federation

We have indeed read your manifesto and we appreciate its true value. It is with pleasure that we will see you re-elected head of world cycling. know that you have all the support of Burkina Faso and we will not hesitate our side for the success of your election.

Hoping to celebrate your win soon, please accept, Mr. President the expression of my deep respect!

Mabrouk Kerboua - President of the Algerian Cycling Federation

We were very pleased to receive your message for your re-election to a second term as head of the UCI and read your manifesto.

Our federation adheres perfectly to your cycling development strategy and we thank you for all the renewal you have made during the last four years in cycling, throughout the world. We, too, have just been elected for a new Olympic mandate for 2017-2020 and have developed a cycling development strategy in our country that is totally in line with yours.

We assure you of the support of all the Algerian Federation of Cycling, for your reelection. Please accept, Mr. Chairman, the expression of our full consideration.

Madis Lepajõe - Former President, Estonian Cycling Federation

I have known Brian Cookson more than 15 years. Initially as a UCI International Commissaire, later as the President of British Cycling and an active spokesperson for transparent management of our beloved sport. He is a leader who believes in democracy. Brian talks to people and listens their opinions even if they are by far different of his own views. He is convinced that cycling needs continuous development and new ideas to attract all generations.

Brian does not make unrealistic promises but he always keeps his promises. I have a good example. European National Cycling Federations remember well how Europe was discriminated for many years – UCI Cycling Regulations stated that all continents could have their continental road championships for Elite, except Europe. UEC Management Board was working hard to change the regulations but with no success. As one of the board members I saw how Brian was supporting progressive thinking.  At the UCI Presidential elections campaign in 2013 he announced the idea of starting European Road Championships for Elite as one of the cornerstones of his platform. 

After being elected as UCI President he did not forget this important promise. Together with European members of the UCI Management Board all necessary decisions were made and on 18th September 2016 in Plumelec (France) all European and international cycling communities could witness Peter Sagan in the European Champion´s jersey at the award ceremony of the 1st UEC European Road Championships.

Now I am waiting with interest for Brian's new promises and I know that he will keep them.

Peter King - Chief Executive Officer, British Cycling Federation, 1997 to 2008

I was privileged to work closely with Brian during my time as Chief Executive of the British Cycling Federation, between 1997 and 2008, and thereafter as an advisor to the Board. During that time I developed a great respect for Brian and for his knowledge of the sport, his commitment, his vision, his integrity and his leadership qualities – all of which were applied successfully to the benefit of British Cycling for the 17 years of his Presidency, and to the benefit of the UCI and World cycling during the last four years.  Transformation of any complex organisation is a long-term task and to complete Brian’s manifesto to modernise, develop and enhance both the UCI and World cycling requires a second term. I support Brian and wish him well in his campaign for re-election.

Ricardo Nogare - Brazil, Member of the UCI Mass Participation Commission

Brian has been a very good President for Latin America and for cycling across the world. We especially appreciated all the work he put in to ensure the cycling events at the Rio Olympic Games were a big success. We are delighted he is standing for another term as UCI President.

Lord Sebastian Coe - President IAAF, and former Chairman British Olympic Association

Brian became President of Cycling at a particularly challenging time for the sport. He has brought a real sense of purpose and re-direction to the sport and I am very happy to support his ambitions to serve a further term as UCI President.

Sir Philip Craven MBE - President of the International Paralympic Committee & International Olympic Committee Member

I have known Brian for several years now and over the past four years he has promoted Para cycling at a time when he has had many other topics on his varied agenda. I am happy to support his candidacy for a second term as UCI President being sure that he will have more time to take Para cycling forward to a new level of development within the UCI.

Sergey Bubka - IOC Member

I was very pleased to note that IOC President Thomas Bach had proposed to Brian Cookson to join the IOC Athletes' Entourage Commission, which I lead, because in addition to the wide experience in sport in different roles Brian has huge aspiration for progress. He is active a lot in reforms and always in search of innovations. I find it very good for the development and adaptation of sport to the realities of modern life and respect Brian’s willingness to contribute in this way to the Olympic movement and cycling in particular. It is a pleasure for me to continue working with him in the field of Olympism.

Travis Tygart - CEO, United States Anti Doping Agency

The way UCI conducts itself in anti-doping has been completely transformed since 2013. It has earned itself the reputation of highly competent and trusted partner, a model for other sports.

Peter Nicholson - Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC) Member and WADA expert

Brian Cookson's clarity of vision and his unswerving determination to attack doping issues in the sport were central to the CIRC's capacity to operate independently and with a broad mandate. He was unwavering in his commitment to the objectives of the Commission, and his preparedness to accept any and all outcomes was indicative of his strong leadership and integrity. I am sure these personal and professional qualities have also been key to the on-going process of reform in cycling, and believe anti-doping programs in the sport are stronger than ever under his stewardship and guidance.

Andy Parkinson - Former CEO, UK Anti Doping

Without doubt Brian is a man of integrity. I have known him for many years and he has always operated with the best interests of the sport at heart. Since moving to the UCI the same principles have applied and the UCI is now a trusted ally in the fight against doping, committed to the protection of all athletes in the sport, and a strong advocate for the type of governance required from such organisations.

Rod Carr - UK Sport Chair 2013 – 2017 and UK Sport Board Member 2003 – 2017

I have known Brian for many years and have respect for his achievements.  Initially as Chair of British Cycling, overseeing the Olympic and Paralympic medal success, and more recently as President of the UCI where he has shown strong leadership in implementing important and necessary reforms.  I hope that Brian is elected for a second term as President so he can continue the work in restoring cycling’s reputation.

Baroness Sue Campbell - Chair of UK Sport, 2003-2013

I was Chair of UK Sport for much of the period when Brian Cookson was President of British Cycling, during which time the organisation was transformed into a governing body that was not only hugely successful, but also notable for its constant commitment to clean sport, to equity and to high standards of governance. Brian's personal integrity, alongside his commitment and dedication to his sport were clear, and these qualities have evidently been absolutely key in transforming the UCI over the last four years. I have no hesitation in supporting his re-election for a second term as UCI President.

Sir Hugh Robertson - Chairman of the British Olympic Association (and previously UK Minister for Sport and the Olympics 2010 – 2013)

I have known, and liked, Brian Cookson for over a decade and watched him preside over the stunning growth in cycling in the UK, both in terms of medals and the number of people taking up the sport. During his first term as President, Brian has shown the leadership necessary to reform the sport and restore its reputation. I very much hope that he is given a second term to finish this vital task.

Ingmar De Vos - FEI President Fédération Equestre Internationale

I met Brian for the first time when he was elected UCI President in 2013 and since then we met each other at many occasions during meetings and activities organised within the Olympic movement. Brian is very determined when it comes to defend his sport and he comes immediately to the point without hesitation. He has a clear vision on the future of the sport and is always advocating for fairness and integrity in sports and that’s what I appreciate in him. I am also proud to say that we became friends. He’s a warm person with a great sense of humour and I really hope to see him re-elected so we can continue our journey in the Olympic movement.

Cedric Vasseur - Professional Cyclist 1993 - 2007, Tour de France stage winner and yellow jersey, now TV commentator

I congratulate Brian Cookson and his team very warmly for all the actions they have undertaken over the past 4 years. Brian has reinvigorated each cycling discipline and great progress has been made in many areas.

Each of the cycling families can now rejoice in the work they have done and see that our sport continues to attract more and more fans, and new partners with good prospects for years to come.

More than ever cycling is in the big chainring!

Dirk Craen - President, European University   

It has been a pleasure to see the progress in the UCI over the last four years, and the European University was delighted to award Brian the Degree of Doctor of Civil Laws, Honoris Causa, in recognition of his achievements. 

Robbert de Kock - President and CEO WFSGI-World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry

As the President of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry and representative of the global bicycle industry, we have seen in the last 4 years a significant improvement in safety and technological innovations. Brian’s natural leadership has led to new visions and his sensible and balanced decisions have seen engagement with all stakeholders. His main focus always is to improve the conditions for

the riders. It shall also be clear that today’s conditions are essential to continue our important investments to the cycling sport. Even if we do not always get what we want, we can say that the collaboration with Brian and his team has been very professional throughout the 4 years and the industry will be most happy to support Brian for another 4-year term of presidency.

Scott Kaylin - Co-founder and President at Champion System

Being part of a global brand in the cycling community, I take endorsements very seriously. I felt compelled to put my support behind the re-election of Brian Cookson.

The UCI, under Brian's leadership, has made great progress in growing the sport of cycling world wide. He recognizes the value and need to work with the broad stakeholders and has been proactive in collaborating with industry to ensure their needs and concerns are incorporated as cycling develops further.  

Jaimie Fuller - Executive Chairman, Skins

I am endorsing Brian Cookson as President of the UCI for another 4-year term.

Cycling has had a difficult history with doping, particularly within the tenure of the previous two Presidents. Brian has, in his current term as President, rebuilt the bridges with the World Anti-Doping Agency and the anti-doping community as a whole and made administrative changes to ensure the independence of anti-doping administration and sanction. Cultural change however does not happen overnight. It is a process and Brian needs another four years to continue his work and bring in further improvements to the administration of anti-doping in the sport, as well as administering the sport in general.

Another important positive element of Brian’s Presidential approach is that he is not a micro manager. Brian takes a collaborative view; he’s a facilitator and allows others to bring in new ideas to the sport of cycling. Brian does this not out of self-interest. He is about cycling for all. Anything that’s good for the cyclists, teams and fans is good for the sport.

Brian is about inclusion, discussion and positive implementation. As such, he has my support and endorsement.

Rochelle Gilmore - Wiggle High5 General Manager

Since Brian Cookson was elected as president of the UCI I have observed a significant, and rapid development in Women’s Cycling. Honouring his election platform for the development of Women’s Cycling Brian has worked tirelessly in his commitment to better our sport. Furthermore, Brian has personally dedicated his valuable time and attention to being present at the important Women’s Commissions - in order to contribute and oversee the future planning for women’s cycling. I’ve been overwhelmingly impressed with Brian’s hands-on involvement, presence and commitment to the decision making processes which are paving the way for ultimately developing women’s cycling into a mainstream, truly professional sport – on all levels. 

Areas of development for women’s cycling which have been addressed under the Cookson leadership include:  

  • The allocation of human resources within the UCI necessary to ensure Women’s Cycling continues to develop, in the right direction. This includes generous finances to support the efforts of the women’s commission in their ambition to see women’s cycling gain more exposure and recognition. 
  • Increased opportunity and modalities for media exposure during the past few years which is a vital contributor to the development of women’s cycling.
  • The appointment of the first female UCI vice president in Tracey Gaudry.
  • A very active and motivated women’s commission.
  • The inclusion of at least one woman on every UCI commission within the UCI. 
  • Gender parity on all athlete commissions with equal composition of men and women. 

I’ve been involved in Women’s International Cycling, globally, for almost 20 years and until the past few years, witnessed limited developments within our sport. Under Brian Cookson’s leadership as UCI president I have witnessed some very impressive stats and facts within UCI women’s cycling! Prime examples include a UCI Women’s World Tour calendar and equal prize money for men and women at all UCI World Championships. 

Brian has been an effective leader of the UCI, using his personal position and belief in women’s cycling to lift our sport to a higher level! I feel privileged to have witnessed first hand Brian’s involvement in the planning of our sport; his contribution, his influence and his pure passion for developing women’s cycling.

Monica Santini - Managing Director, Santini Maglificio Sportivo

Santini has always cherished it’s relationship as official technical clothing partner with the UCI and over the years has seen many changes within the organization.

However, I can state in all honesty that this current administration under the stewardship of Mr. Cookson has brought about truly positive and progressive advancements that have had wide ranging benefits for the world of cycling, aspects that I feel will only continue to grow with his re-election.

Kristin Klein - President, Amgen Tour of California and Executive Vice President, AEG

With the ongoing support of the UCI under the leadership of Brian Cookson, the Amgen Tour of California has continued to thrive and grow.  Brian’s vision for a strong international cycling organization supporting men’s and women’s platforms has not only helped us to raise the profile of our race but has helped the sport of cycling reach new levels of success across numerous measurable categories and revenue streams.

Michael S. Gollner - Executive Chairman, Madison Sports Group

We at Madison Sports Group are trying to modernize and improve upon our version of track cycling through our Six Day Series. I have therefore observed with awe the significant improvements you at the UCI have implemented into track cycling over time and I saw the Hong Kong event was a delightful manifestation of that progression.

My team have had over the years and continue to have numerous contacts with all levels of the UCI and we appreciate the highly constructive cooperation we have received from people throughout your organization. The role of a highly capable world governing body in any sport is critical and we have seen first-hand the positive developments at the UCI under your tenure. As such, we have further boosted our significant investment in track cycling and your competent leadership has given us the confidence to continue to do so.

Alain Bovay - Deputy and Mayor, St-Légier-La Chiésaz

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your commitment to sport and cycling in general.

Thanks to you and your talents as a President, you have succeeded in restoring the reputation of the UCI in Switzerland. All credit to you.

Since your arrival in the region of the Canton of Vaud, you made contacts promptly and your first class work on the field has significantly paid off. I appreciate your unmavering commitment to the UCI.

As a former cyclist and sports journalist (AIPS / UEPS), it is in my capacity as a deputy and Syndic that I fully support you for your re-election next September in Norway, so that the stability you brought throughout these years will continue to flourish.

I hope that your ongoing projects succeed for the good of cycling in the world!

Sir Gary Verity - CEO Welcome to Yorkshire

Having strong and enlightened leadership at the top of cycling’s world governing body is imperative for the future success of our sport.

Without the right leadership we wouldn't have invested and developed the Tour de Yorkshire into something special. Furthermore we would not have joined with partners to bid for the UCI's flagship event the road world championship to be held in Yorkshire in 2019.

Bob Howden - President & Jonathan Browning - Chairman, British Cycling

During his time as President of British Cycling our federation developed from being a body in crisis to a turnaround success story. The success came not just in terms of medals won, but in levels of participation, in the bringing of major events to our shores and by inspiring Britons to fall in love with the sport. For British Cycling this has meant a tenfold increase in our membership since Brian was first elected as our President.

Brian’s accomplishments at the UCI have been admirable and he has steered the international governing body with integrity. If re-elected, the next four years will provide him with the time to build on these achievements and see through the further changes that the sports needs internationally.

British Cycling wholeheartedly recommends Brian Cookson for re-election as the UCI President.

Muffy Davis - International Paralympic Committee Governing Board Member

Best of luck to you in your upcoming election, I know the UCI will continue forward in great hands with your re-election.