Manifesto | A plan and vision to lead for the next four years

Our sport has come a long way in just four years.  By working together we have made huge progress.  People tell me they are proud to be involved with our sport and with the UCI once again.  Cycling is more open, more transparent, more international and more inclusive than ever before.

It’s great to see this change of direction when back in 2013 there were repeated concerns about a lack of credibility, transparency, and integrity, with the UCI often in the shadow of scandal. 

We have made a great start but there is much more that needs to be done.  That’s why I’m standing for a second and final term as UCI President.  I want to lock in the progress that, together, we have made over the past four years, and make further progress by delivering my six point plan to keep cycling growing globally.

This strategic plan will drive growth across all cycling’s disciplines, accelerate our international development, champion cycling for transport and leisure, ensure there is equal opportunity for men and women to participate and compete, build on our restored credibility and ensure the UCI continues todrive excellence in our operations.

Over the past four years, we have achieved a lot together.  Now I am asking again for your support, to help deliver this six point strategic plan and keep cycling growing globally.

In Cycling,

Brian Cookson OBE

Brian Cookson at the 2016 Rio Olympics BMX